Hi, my name is Muzamil Syre, I am a

Poet, Editor & Story Teller

A Chevening Scholar, University of Surrey Alumni, University of Sindh Alumni, Civil Services Alumni, volunteer member (as a writer and editor) in Peril Magazine, owner of I Have Poured My Wine (this website), professional member of the aforementioned associations/organizations (Society of Editors SA, IPEd & SA Writers Centre), Muzamil Syre (M. Syre) is a story writer, critic, poet and blogger.

He is author of three poetry books (two in Sindhi, one in English) in addition to a few short stories and articles published in different papers/magazines world around apart from poetry that gets published every now and then.

Syre is a member of Society of Editors, SA (South Australia), and also a member of The Institute of Professional Editors Limited (IPEd). Society of Editors, SA is a professional association that supports practicing editors and promotes the highest standards of editing, both in South Australia and nationally. The Institute of Professional Editors Limited (IPEd), through a considerable number of activities, supports Society of Editors, SA, its members and editors in general.

In addition to the Society of Editors, SA and IPEd, he is also a member of SA Writers Centre (South Australia). SA Writers Centre aims to foster, develop and promote writers and writing.

Currently, he is working as an editor as well as writer with Peril Magazine, Australia. He has recently been given an opportunity to work as a Guest Poetry Editor Peril Magazine for their latest edition ‘Asians to Watch Out For’, which has now been published.


Silence of the Piano Sings


Silence of the Piano Sings was published from London in 2011, and its inauguration ceremony was held at Pembroke College, Oxford University, England on May 30th 2011.


کٿوري کيپ کيتر ۾


کٿوري کيپ کيتر ۾ was published in 2014 from Sindhica Publishers and is the recent poetry book in Sindhi.


سدا سائر سير ۾


سدا سائر سير ۾  was published in 2001 and was my first poetry book in Sindhi.