I'VE poured my WINE

The Last Meeting

I met her for the last time to leave her city and homeland for good and all. A half-broken relationship (outwardly) breathed in our breasts. She had come along other friends to bid me good bye. She was hesitant. I too. A few moments of space and some space for a few moments earned, we looked into each others’ eyes. I wanted to hug. She wanted to hug. The wounded self (Ego) played with us for quite a while. But at last we defeated its game. Her tears on my shoulders did wet my shirt; so was hers with mine. Years have gone, but I still feel my shoulders wet with her tears. A virtual lake of her tears flows on, over and through my shoulders, my heart, my soul. This lake has never dried up. I don’t know how her shoulders, heart and soul feel! What I really know: memories don’t die. Yes, drop by drop falls the venom of memory.

© M. Syre


  • Iqbal Jamali

    Memories are really strong forces. They bring smile and tears at he same time! The words that came with the smiles are beautifully captured in these written lines! I loved it and I already recall my wonderful memories! memories become bridge between present and past…and close. Thanks for sharing these words.

    • Syre

      Thanks dear, Iqbal, for sharing your views on this post. Indeed, memories are a treasure.

  • Zahid Ali Jatoi

    In life, there comes a moment when we feel our soul connected to the other’s; as if silence of that fellow remained revealed; actions unnoticed; as if it was just the end of life; coming ahead would really be meaningless. Sometimes welcomes and farewells of soul mates never go inattentive. Perhaps, it is not wounded self as the space between two souls like yours and hers leave no space for anything else to exist. It sounds to me practicality of life; only gone ones are qualified enough to tear off the circle of the memory to enter uninvited and occupy the space to create transference of memory and bit by bit reminds us of those non-farewell fellows………I name it as a sip of reality!

  • sana

    mujhay aisi feeling parh k khushi c hoti hay pata nhi q?

    • Syre

      Best wishes and thanks, Sana.

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