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Sindhi Poetry Collection Launched — Khathuri Khep Kheter Mein (Muzamil Syre)

This is an article written by Imtiaz Ali in Daily Dawn on 10-08-2015 — the event of inauguration of Syre’s Sindhi poetry book — Khathuri Khep Kheter Mein.


KARACHI: A poetry book titled Khathuri Khep Kheter Mein by trilingual poet and senior bureaucrat Muzamil Syre was launched at the Karachi Arts Council of Pakistan on Sunday evening.

Literary figures such as Imdad Hussaini, Sahar Imdad, Nasir Mirza, Naz Sahito, Ishaq Samijo, Inam Shaikh, Mushtaque Rajpar and others hailed the book as a ‘valuable addition’ to Sindhi literature.

This is Syre’s third poetry book including one written in English called Silence of the Piano Sings.

Writer Ishaq Samijo opined that Syre has assumed a distinction among young writers as he has explored “positive values” in his poetry while most other poetry is marked by “pathos and longing for the beloved.”

Ms Sahar Imdad said that Syre’s deep understanding of world literature is very impressive and added that his vision holds great significance.

Reading out one of his poems, Ms Sahar spoke about how his poetry contains characters from the world of literature, from Shakespeare to Pushkin, but he also recalled Marvi, who is considered a symbol of patriotism in Sindhi classical literature.

Nasir Mirza opined that Muzamil Syre’s poetry has complicated diction as he “uses words, which are now abandoned in Sindhi language, thus through his poetry, has revived many words.” A writer and former station director of Radio Pakistan, Mirza added that at the same time the verses were also enriched with new words.

Inam Shaikh, writer and professor of Sindh University, said that Sindh needed an “academic and literary filter” so that literary works could be analysed. He termed the use of words without meaning as a crime.

He added that Syre’s perceptive and analytical power was very strong and that he was a genuine creative poet who may emerge as a powerful critic in Sindhi literature, his reference being about the preface Syre has written in the book about the connectivity of Greek legend of Orpheus with the Momal and Rano story from the soil of Sindh.

Mushtaque Rajpar said that Syre’s poetry was a continuity of progressive ideas in Sindhi and Urdu literature. “He was a passionately literary person and his deep interest and love for classical and modern Urdu and Sindhi literature is reflected in his poetry,” he added.

TV anchor, Naz Sahito called Syre a gifted poet.

Published in Dawn, August 10th, 2015


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