I'VE poured my WINE


Back in 2007-08, at the University of Surrey, United Kingdom, there was a story/essay contest. I had participated in the said contest and received, don’t precisely remember, roughly hundred pounds for the story/essay titled THE RAIN. It got published online in the University website and afterwards in PDF format under the title THE POWER OF IMMERSION. It is the combination of all stories selected for the online book. THE RAIN is also included in it. Whatever incongruities or pieces of beauty; it is presented as it is, my mind thinks of polishing it though. You can read through the following link, my story at page 46 in the book:


“All learning is based on some sort of experience but some experiential contexts are more challenging and  are richer in their potential to engage people in ways that really do change them. Immersion is a metaphorical term derived from the physical and emotional experience of being  submerged in water. The expression, ‘being immersed in’, is often used to describe situations that have  both negative and positive connotations – they engender feelings of being overwhelmed, engulfed,  submerged or stretched, but also sensations of being deeply absorbed or engaged in a situation or problem that ultimately results in the growth of the individual. Often the positive attributes of such  situations only emerge after negative feelings have dominated and this is one of the reasons why people  believe that the experience has transformed them. People believe that through immersive experiences  they become different. And while an immersive experience might be very uncomfortable, coping with it  helps develop the insights, confidence and capabilities for dealing with similar complex and  uncomfortable situations in the future.” Professor Norman Jackson Director, Surrey Centre for Excellence  in Professional Training and Education says in its foreword.

It was this Immersive Experience that was to be put in the story. So we all did. Hope you enjoy reading it.


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