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Fazal-ur-Rehman—A Portrait

This is Fazal-ur-Rehman, a real human soul from the land of Sindh, Pakistan. Always grabbing the brass ring of career as a civil bureaucrat for over forty years, he earned his reputation as one of the most prominent figures in the field throughout the country. As a bureaucrat he performed at several key positions: Chief Secretary of Sindh, Secretary-Ports & Shipping, Controller General of Pakistan, Chairman-TCP, Accountant General-Sindh, Director General-Commercial Audit etc demonstrating his experience in the fields of Public Administration, Finance, Audit & Accounting. But there’s more to him than meets the eye. Given the grey area of managerial conditions in the country, wherein dispensing justice could only surprise as a piece of news, he espoused the notion of providing help to the general public who had by the corridor of powers remained unattended for several decades. Accordingly, for his grace, generous demeanor and sympathetic outlook, he remained and still remains prominent among all and sundry. Rarely have people earned all-consuming, genuine respect and love as he has. With prodigious memory, terrific reading speed, acute aesthetic sense, eagle’s eye in human affairs, consummate public dealing skills, boundless generosity, unbridled passion for human support and care, he deserves plaudits. Earlier I had written a poem on him as a portrait, which was basically a prose poem, and now I’ve composed it in a different form.



When he takes long puffs at
His branded cigarette
Smoke starts hanging around
To web a psychic net!

The wisps of silver smoke
Exude an aura of
Majesty, regal awe
Making all eyes to rove!

A waterfall of care,
He flows from cliffs to sea
Carrying every drop
Superbly, merrily!

A sea of human love,
He strikes the souls ashore,
With waves rolling, lapping,
To wet them to the core!

A bird, he wings his way
Across the human sky
To sing with every soul
To make everyone fly!

A bright, blue star, he burns
In somber loneliness
Only to shower light
On veils of murkiness!

A complex-free god, he
Sits as a Lord with ease
In the House of Commons,
Making all the tongues freeze!

His eyes have paws to grasp
The load of endurance;
Millions can settle, sure,
His soul has great expanse!

He wears a ring of hope
An’ gifts the same ring, lo,
To everyone that comes,
Everyone that’s to go!

The waving flag of fame
Carries his name in pure
Modesty, love and pride
To make itself secure!

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