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The Sindh Times — Syre’s Interview

This is a link to a brief interview taken from me about some questions on poetry in the daily The Sindh Times taken back in Jan, 26, 2016:  http://www.thesindhtimes.com/entertainment/beauty-depth-sublimity-imagination-make-good-poetry-muzamil-syre/

The Sindh Times: What inspires you to write poetry?

Muzamil Syre: Inspiration is a multifaceted phenomenon, not bounded by anything at all. It is manifest through the whole cosmos, be it hyper waves of seas, currents of oceans, piercing sun beams, petals of flowers, breathing soil, pointed leaves, perspiring heat, chilly mountainous peaks, ideologies, people, any animate beings or inanimate objects persisting within the globe and beyond. Same is the case with my inspiration. It never perches on the same branch. It is dynamic. It is in a state of flux.

The Sindh Times: What is a measure of success as a poet?

Muzamil Syre: Measure of success as a poet can be both objective and subjective phenomenon; success itself is primarily a subjective phenomenon though. From objective point of view, the world itself is a measure as to how it responds to a poet’s talent. From subjective point of view, it is the choice of how you want the world to see you through your poetry and whether you succeed in attaining what you have embarked on, is a measure in itself.

The Sindh Times: Who is your favorite poet and why ?

Muzamil Syre: My favourite poet is Ghalib, because the poetic world he creates is unrivaled and unmatched. When it comes to his imaginative world, even poets like Goethe and Shakespeare don’t fly enough in their imagination to touch the winds he travels through. His poetry touches sublimity through its flight, aesthetic flavour, human touch, profundity and beauty.

The Sindh Times: What makes any poetry “good”? 

Muzamil Syre: Personally I don’t use term “good” for poetry, but since you have used it as a blend word to incorporate as much as you want me to do for you, I find it tempted to affirm that “good poetry” uses the device of imagination to unfurl its wings and fly high above the firmament with the chariot of aesthetics, beauty, depth and sublimity.

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