I'VE poured my WINE

A Portrait of an Outsider

This poem was written pursuant to a theme ‘Asians to Watch Out for’ the Peril Magazine had finalized for their new online edition in June, 2016. It was a part of Poetry Editorial I had written for the edition.

Eyes–curved inside with the burden of life;
Dark spots translating hope into despair,
Eyelashes along with eyebrows brooding
Over thorns of poverty, ’bout to bleed.
Lips–like dried river banks, cracked like dead soil,
Two petals meant to peck, snog Adonis,
Lie un-kissed in the pit of helplessness.
Hair–lifeless, lie curved on shapeless shoulders,
Crinkled like a dried page in the store room
Of oblivion; an old graveyard of
Memories lies strewn with pale, lifeless leaves.
Body–a forlorn hill of bones, endeared
By skin as if a canopy with some
Flesh-patches painted on its drifting sand.
Topless, she sits under scorching sunbeams,
Breasts, hanging against their will, flesh-less, dry
And a baby like a lizard clings to
One breast, her mouth sucking life out of it.

A portrait of an outsider in huge
Gallery of insiders gleams with the
Colours of laughter sprinkled lavishly.
The outsider jumps out of the portrait
Only out for few moments she observes
Her portrait minutely an’ finds that she’s
Playing on a harp at Lake Eyre, S.A.
Singing songs of un-aging love an’ care
For whole mankind from the east to the west,
Her fresh crooning locks hum in a chorus,
Her scarlet dress shimmers under moonlight,
Her lively eyes see, show glimmers of hope.
She turns to laughing, mocking insiders,
They also gaze at the portrait again
But they laugh this time louder than before;
Noise Deafening, she sinks into portrait,
As she can’t leave to her country ’cause she’s
Frozen her soul in the portrait for good!

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