I'VE poured my WINE

پاڻي اڄ اتهاس لڳي ٿو

I wrote this poem in Sindhi getting inspiration from the above photo Emily Hauze had shared on Facebook a year back. I don’t precisely recall the place where she had snapped this photo, but guess it was somewhere near Larkana, the north-western famous district of Sindh province, where one of the–rather the oldest of–civilizations, the Indus Civilization, has its face in guise of Mohan-Jo-Daro to offer as a smile on the parched lips of time. She seems to write most of her stuff at her blog.

Emily Hauze and I have shared some valuable stuff related to art (photography–her field; literature–of both). She used to translate and still does from German to Sindhi language, especially verse. Amazing. She has an eye for detail. When I saw this picture, I wrote the following poem, which has allusions/references to Kalidasa’s Shakuntal–a classical as well as classic drama from the East.

پاڻي اڄ اتهاسُ لڳي ٿو
مستقبل جو ماسُ لڳي ٿو
ناوَ شَڪُنتل جنءَ آسائِي
وڇڙيل ڪاليداسُ لڳي ٿو


Water breathed in days of yore
May come back with hyper roar
Boat like Shakuntal awaits
Kali to hug like before

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