I'VE poured my WINE


  • I Have Poured My Wine

    I have poured my wine
    Over Time an’ Space.
    Everyone is drunk;
    Everything is drunk;
    Everyone totters;
    Everything totters:
    Mozart’s tunes echo
    Through marble arches
    Of the Taj Mahal!
    Lo, Catullus strikes
    Strings of Dun’booro,
    Which sway to Bach’s grand,
    Rare musical notes!
    With Kalidasa’s
    Solemn brush, Van Gogh
    Paints Shakuntal on
    Red lips of Lesbos,
    Where Sappho’s verses
    Shine with homely hues!
    Using Angelo’s
    Stylish, vital tools,
    Sartre cuts the Time
    Into the grave hand
    Of Samuel … Continue reading

  • The Bell Chimes

    sizzling rays
    of the solar disc
    strike the earth as burns;
    the bird of silence flies,
    while a gravedigger
    gashes its wings
    with the blade of his spade.
    the bell chimes:
    hands shiver
    but carry on digging!

    the grave has been dug
    and the mourners have
    gathered around it.
    the earth
    opens its mouth
    to gulp its morsel:
    the bell chimes:
    no one hears,
    save the gravedigger!

    with the brush of its
    dark, cracked lips,
    the … Continue reading

  • On Cloud of Drifting Time

    Again a Socrates
    Holds a cup brimful of
    New, raw, lethal hemlock!
    Everything’s mute an’ still!
    Everyone’s spineless, dazed.
    And lo, the cup trembles,
    As the venom trembles!

    Athens, 2008 © M. Syre
    (Silence of the Piano Sings)

  • Men in Gods

    Old or young,
    Every face—
    An idol!
    And the world
    How puzzling
    It’s to find
    Men in gods!
    Vatican City, 2008 © M. Syre
    (Silence of the Piano Sings)

  • I Keep on Taking Puffs at My Life

    I keep on taking puffs at my life:
    the smoke hangs round me,
    utterly wreathed in smoke,
    I see the world through it.
    at times, the smoke
    gets so thick and dense,
    I fail to make out anything
    across it.
    as I puff at my life,
    it smoulders to the fag end,
    ash sinking into
    the ashtray of Time;
    the ash strews the tray,
    which keeps it
    in her … Continue reading