I'VE poured my WINE


  • The Life of Galileo

    I re-read The Life of Galileo. I had first read this drama in 2009. It was a feast for the soul and remained so in the second reading. ­Though I haven’t written a single drama so far, I have read a lot of them as I enjoy dramatic writing like anything. Starting from Greek tragedy … Continue reading

  • Dada Ali Bakhsh

    I was chuffed to bits to witness a Tom Hanks of Forrest Gump at Shahpur Chakar, Sanghar, Sindh. Dada Ali Bakhsh, as he is known to people, aged 70, grizzled, bachelor, without any kith and kin, just a free soul moving from place to place where passion of traveling on FOOT pulls and pushes him … Continue reading

  • Shahzad Roy

    Today, Shahzad Roy, along with his spouse, Salma Alam, visited my district, Benazirabad, along with the team of RSU and Department of Education & Literacy, Government of Sindh. Benazirabad is a district in the center of Sindh province, at a traveling distance of three and half hours from Karachi–the metropolis of the country. I am … Continue reading

  • Imran Khan

    1992 World Cup (Cricket) on TV today took me away from Benazirabad (where I am posted these days as Deputy Commissioner) to regions of familiarity, particularly the times when I had had interactions with Imran Khan, first time in 2002 (I forget the month) at Civil Services Academy, Lahore, Pakistan.

    At the Academy, he was invited … Continue reading

  • Time

    Time…gives us…everything…really?…everything?…yes, it does…a pair of eyes…senses (not the positivism of August Comte, but like it)…mind (sometimes like a weight, at times light like a bird)…soul (full of…)…nerves (full of…)…everything…breathes for us…the sun…stars…the Earth…happiness…pain…nostalgia…flowers…thorns…experiences…and in return…we give back…ourselves to Time…everything…with a touch of…our individuality…subjectivity…colour…feeling…selective perception…and be…a drop of…collective wisdom…

    © M. Syre

  • Windermere’s Wordsworth & Lake Zurich

    Lake Zurich—in German, Zurichsee—unfolded impressive scenery that, I had not expected, uncurled my mental knots, which the fatigue of 12 hours’ driving had created the last night that I had commenced from Dusseldorf (Germany) to Zurich (Switzerland). On the horizon, I could, out of sheer curiosity, struggle myself for long to find it was Alpine … Continue reading

  • The Last Meeting

    I met her for the last time to leave her city and homeland for good and all. A half-broken relationship (outwardly) breathed in our breasts. She had come along other friends to bid me good bye. She was hesitant. I too. A few moments of space and some space for a few moments earned, we … Continue reading