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  • ہم سرد نگر کے باسی ہیں

    ہم سرد نگر کے باسی ہیں
    اے گرم ہوا کچھ  دیر تو آ
    ہر اور  ہوا یوں چلتی ہے
    جیسے اک برف کا طوفاں ہو
    ہر رنگ گیا ہے ڈھل ایسے
    اک رنگ نظر کو دکھتا ہے
    اس کارن بھی من دکھتا ہے
    پورب کی جبیں پر برف اگے
    پچھم کے لبوں پہ آہیں ہیں
    اتر دکشن … Continue reading

  • Lotus Playwriting — Peril Magazine

    This is my article (editorial) that was published in PERIL MAGAZINE today.

    In partnership with Performance 4a, supported by the Girgensohn Foundation, and in collaboration with Playwriting Australia, Peril welcomes the Lotus Asian-Australian Playwriting initiative, which is about to showcase its artistic endeavours in the National Play Festival (2016) to be held between 27-30 July, 2016.

    What … Continue reading

  • Marlowian Protagonist

    The Epic of Gilgamesh, a poem by the oldest known human author we can name by name, Shin-eqi-unnini, is a story of Gilgamesh, a historical king of Uruk in Babylonia. Gilgamesh is glorified in this epic: ‘two-third of him (Gilgamesh) is god, one-third of him is human’; ‘Anu (a god) granted him the totality of … Continue reading

  • A Portrait of an Outsider

    This poem was written pursuant to a theme ‘Asians to Watch Out for’ the Peril Magazine had finalized for their new online edition in June, 2016. It was a part of Poetry Editorial I had written for the edition.
    Eyes–curved inside with the burden of life;
    Dark spots translating hope into despair,
    Eyelashes along with eyebrows brooding
    Over thorns … Continue reading

  • Poetry Editorial for PERIL MAGAZINE

    This is the link to Poetry Editorial (published on June 8, 2016) for Peril Magazine I was given an opportunity by Editor-in-Chief PERIL Magazine, Eleanor Jackson, to write for the current edition ‘Asians to Watch Out For’:  http://peril.com.au/current-edition/poetry-editorial/ 
    Ideas can spring from anywhere. Sometimes we even can’t follow the trajectory of our own thoughts. As tobacco is … Continue reading

  • رنگ وکري ته ويا ڏينهن جي ويسَ تان

    رنگ وکري ته ويا ڏينهن جي ويس تان
    اُسّ آڪاس ۾ تِروِرا ٿي وئي
    رات ڄڻ بيوسيءَ جي فضا ٿي وئي
    آس، اميد ڄڻ ڪا سزا ٿي وئي
    تون نه آئين ته هينئڙو ڍرو ٿي وَيو
    ڪو نه ڏونگر هيو، پر ذرو ٿي وَيو
    ڪي ته سپنا هيا، جي وَيا پَنّ ٿي
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