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  • Life After Life – Peril magazine

    This is a movie review I wrote on a recent movie, Life After Life, published today in Peril Magazine. Eleanor Jackson–the editor-in-chief of Peril Magazine–as usual a pro-active and dynamic soul, orchestrated the execution of reviews to be written on several movies as a part of the Melbourne International Film Festival (2016). I loved the movie and writing … Continue reading

  • Flash Reality — STORY # 1 (Teensy-Weensy Tiddly Toys)

    This is Flash Reality as opposed to Flash Fiction. I’ve coined this term to narrate personal/real stories tweaked to suit fictional purposes. The maximum word limit I’ve chosen for these stories is 2000 words excluding the wording of any poem or reference material.
    The Monsoon Rains caressed Islamabad—the corridor of powers (the seat of the affluent, manipulators and king … Continue reading