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Civil Servant

  • Fazal-ur-Rehman—A Portrait

    This is Fazal-ur-Rehman, a real human soul from the land of Sindh, Pakistan. Always grabbing the brass ring of career as a civil bureaucrat for over forty years, he earned his reputation as one of the most prominent figures in the field throughout the country. As a bureaucrat he performed at several key positions: Chief … Continue reading

  • Sindhi Poetry Collection Launched — Khathuri Khep Kheter Mein (Muzamil Syre)

    This is an article written by Imtiaz Ali in Daily Dawn on 10-08-2015 — the event of inauguration of Syre’s Sindhi poetry book — Khathuri Khep Kheter Mein.


    KARACHI: A poetry book titled Khathuri Khep Kheter Mein by trilingual poet and senior bureaucrat Muzamil Syre was launched at the Karachi Arts Council of Pakistan on Sunday … Continue reading

  • I Keep on Taking Puffs at My Life

    I keep on taking puffs at my life:
    the smoke hangs round me,
    utterly wreathed in smoke,
    I see the world through it.
    at times, the smoke
    gets so thick and dense,
    I fail to make out anything
    across it.
    as I puff at my life,
    it smoulders to the fag end,
    ash sinking into
    the ashtray of Time;
    the ash strews the tray,
    which keeps it
    in her … Continue reading