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  • Won’t the Bunny Ears Cock?

    The following link takes you to the article–Won’t the Bunny Ears Cock?–written by me, published in Peril Magazine on 4th Feb 2016:


    It is about an Australian TV Show broadcast on SBS TV. It is kind of an Australian-Asian cultural admixture that you will definitely enjoy watching.

    Benjamin Law’s memoirs continue to crack us up … Continue reading


    Back in 2007-08, at the University of Surrey, United Kingdom, there was a story/essay contest. I had participated in the said contest and received, don’t precisely remember, roughly hundred pounds for the story/essay titled THE RAIN. It got published online in the University website and afterwards in PDF format under the title THE POWER OF … Continue reading

  • Sindhi Poetry Collection Launched — Khathuri Khep Kheter Mein (Muzamil Syre)

    This is an article written by Imtiaz Ali in Daily Dawn on 10-08-2015 — the event of inauguration of Syre’s Sindhi poetry book — Khathuri Khep Kheter Mein.


    KARACHI: A poetry book titled Khathuri Khep Kheter Mein by trilingual poet and senior bureaucrat Muzamil Syre was launched at the Karachi Arts Council of Pakistan on Sunday … Continue reading

  • I Have Poured My Wine

    I have poured my wine
    Over Time an’ Space.
    Everyone is drunk;
    Everything is drunk;
    Everyone totters;
    Everything totters:
    Mozart’s tunes echo
    Through marble arches
    Of the Taj Mahal!
    Lo, Catullus strikes
    Strings of Dun’booro,
    Which sway to Bach’s grand,
    Rare musical notes!
    With Kalidasa’s
    Solemn brush, Van Gogh
    Paints Shakuntal on
    Red lips of Lesbos,
    Where Sappho’s verses
    Shine with homely hues!
    Using Angelo’s
    Stylish, vital tools,
    Sartre cuts the Time
    Into the grave hand
    Of Samuel … Continue reading