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  • Life After Life – Peril magazine

    This is a movie review I wrote on a recent movie, Life After Life, published today in Peril Magazine. Eleanor Jackson–the editor-in-chief of Peril Magazine–as usual a pro-active and dynamic soul, orchestrated the execution of reviews to be written on several movies as a part of the Melbourne International Film Festival (2016). I loved the movie and writing … Continue reading

  • On Couch I Lay Rewinding The Movie

    on couch I lay rewinding the movie…
    the space followed by time followed the clock—
    ding-dong               ping-pong               sing-song
    several sounds             noise
    a hotchpotch                a yarn               a twister
    Brando wept wistfully                 Kate smiled
    Hopkins roared               Hanks strolled
    a tea cup was breeding a storm
    violent               uncontrollable               rare
    several threads were intertwined with each other
    the writer could not so I had not been able to stop … Continue reading

  • Fictional Characters

    I still remember E. M. Forster’s 1927 Aspects of the Novel and William Somerset Maugham’s 1954 Ten Novels and Their Authors (it was in fact the revised and expanded version of Great Novelists and Their Novels 1948), and Aristotle’s 335BC Poetics, amongst other books of criticism with certain reference to characters in a creative writing, … Continue reading

  • A Tale of Two Cities

    A Tale of Two Cities as a movie (1980) that I watched lately presents, through its scenography, a tangible world equipped to paint a reasonably vivid picture of the times that Dickens had more brilliantly and fantastically drawn through his words. The movie compelled me to invite Dickens in, and accordingly I finished, of course … Continue reading