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  • Flash Reality — STORY # 2 (St Lucia Station)

    This is Flash Reality as opposed to Flash Fiction. I’ve coined this term to narrate personal/real stories tweaked to suit fictional purposes. The maximum word limit I’ve chosen for these stories is 2000 words excluding the wording of any poem or reference material.
    Having stubbed out my cigarette against a stone on the street at Salita Fontego, I picked … Continue reading

  • Dada Ali Bakhsh

    I was chuffed to bits to witness a Tom Hanks of Forrest Gump at Shahpur Chakar, Sanghar, Sindh. Dada Ali Bakhsh, as he is known to people, aged 70, grizzled, bachelor, without any kith and kin, just a free soul moving from place to place where passion of traveling on FOOT pulls and pushes him … Continue reading