I'VE poured my WINE
September 6, 2013

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  • The Black

    in the pitch dark
    the wet boughs
    of the burnt palm—standing at the foot of a burnt hill—
    sing the song of silence…
    silence: full of ghostly echo piercing through
    ears, bones, flesh, and soul…
    with refrains
    like a verdict of the court sentencing an innocent to death…
    grasshoppers subdued
    stones deaf
    trees numb
    landscape dumb…
    an ant slips off a stone for the hundredth time and
    a little … Continue reading

  • On Couch I Lay Rewinding The Movie

    on couch I lay rewinding the movie…
    the space followed by time followed the clock—
    ding-dong               ping-pong               sing-song
    several sounds             noise
    a hotchpotch                a yarn               a twister
    Brando wept wistfully                 Kate smiled
    Hopkins roared               Hanks strolled
    a tea cup was breeding a storm
    violent               uncontrollable               rare
    several threads were intertwined with each other
    the writer could not so I had not been able to stop … Continue reading