I'VE poured my WINE
September 30, 2013

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  • The Bell Chimes

    sizzling rays
    of the solar disc
    strike the earth as burns;
    the bird of silence flies,
    while a gravedigger
    gashes its wings
    with the blade of his spade.
    the bell chimes:
    hands shiver
    but carry on digging!

    the grave has been dug
    and the mourners have
    gathered around it.
    the earth
    opens its mouth
    to gulp its morsel:
    the bell chimes:
    no one hears,
    save the gravedigger!

    with the brush of its
    dark, cracked lips,
    the … Continue reading

  • On Cloud of Drifting Time

    Again a Socrates
    Holds a cup brimful of
    New, raw, lethal hemlock!
    Everything’s mute an’ still!
    Everyone’s spineless, dazed.
    And lo, the cup trembles,
    As the venom trembles!

    Athens, 2008 © M. Syre
    (Silence of the Piano Sings)

  • Men in Gods

    Old or young,
    Every face—
    An idol!
    And the world
    How puzzling
    It’s to find
    Men in gods!
    Vatican City, 2008 © M. Syre
    (Silence of the Piano Sings)

  • I Keep on Taking Puffs at My Life

    I keep on taking puffs at my life:
    the smoke hangs round me,
    utterly wreathed in smoke,
    I see the world through it.
    at times, the smoke
    gets so thick and dense,
    I fail to make out anything
    across it.
    as I puff at my life,
    it smoulders to the fag end,
    ash sinking into
    the ashtray of Time;
    the ash strews the tray,
    which keeps it
    in her … Continue reading