I'VE poured my WINE
January 12, 2014

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  • I Have Poured My Wine

    I have poured my wine
    Over Time an’ Space.
    Everyone is drunk;
    Everything is drunk;
    Everyone totters;
    Everything totters:
    Mozart’s tunes echo
    Through marble arches
    Of the Taj Mahal!
    Lo, Catullus strikes
    Strings of Dun’booro,
    Which sway to Bach’s grand,
    Rare musical notes!
    With Kalidasa’s
    Solemn brush, Van Gogh
    Paints Shakuntal on
    Red lips of Lesbos,
    Where Sappho’s verses
    Shine with homely hues!
    Using Angelo’s
    Stylish, vital tools,
    Sartre cuts the Time
    Into the grave hand
    Of Samuel … Continue reading